CCSE project overview.

Collaborative Curved Space Explorer - is the full-featured multi-user Toolbox for exploring the structure of curved spaces in 3D. It is built on the top of the Croquet Project and OpenGL. Can be used for building the Human being conformable Virtual Learning Environments using Croquet.

The main features of CCSE:

  1. Exploring the structure of the curved space by deep interaction with it:
  • Real-time rendering in curved spaces (Jeff Weeks algorithm).
  • brining a personal objects and looking for the visual transformations of them in different curved spaces.
  • exploring operation schemes on objects allowed by a selected curved space by multi-user interactions in a shared spaces.
  • 3D content creation in a selected curved space.
  • CSD - curved space database.

2. Croquet Project itself enhancements:

  • an expanded view on the Croquet's 'Spaces' architecture and purposes, as from CCSE vision - every operation in space or every object presentation is determined by the structure of selected curved space and it's properities (for example in: flat, hyperbolic or spherical spaces etc.)
  • the 3D grid layout (based on structure of selected curved space) for creating 3D user interfaces or 3D content in Croquet Spaces visualy.

Project is still in the development stage.

All available information you can find here on:

Project blogs

Saturday, March 18, 2006

CCSE is on SqueakSource.

Now you can find the CCSE project's record in the SqueakSource repository.


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